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Photo Native Conference 2017

Hey Guys:)

I wanted to share my first experience at a photography conference. I had never even thought of which one I would like to go to and then I saw a post from Summer Murdock (my photography idol) that she was going to be teaching a class in Provo, Utah at the Photo Native Conference. I got on the phone with my pal who lives in Salt Lake City  and decided to step out of my comfort zone and go do something I have never done before. I was SO nercited.(nervous and excited) It's great knowing you have a friend close by, but I was basically by myself. Pushing myself to talk to people, put the phone away and try and focus on conversations.

My first night I was in the hotel, I went to the lounge and sat up at the bar. I have NEVER done that before and typically never would but this is the pushing myself trip! I ended up chatting with a nice man with a cool job and eventually some fellow first timers coming to Photo Native.

The next day I literally had a day by MYSELF. I can't tell you how weird and wonderful it was. I got so much blogging and editing done. I also got to just BE. No expectations or worries. I did a little touring of Provo and then went straight back to my computer. Sometimes I forget how "me time" is such a precious and important thing to do for your sanity. Also being in your own head with cool ideas and inspirations without being sidetracked is even more exciting. I love my kids but they are the worst for distracting me. Here's to more distracted free blogging! That night I posted in on the PN Facebook group that I was going to go for dinner and see if there was anyone that wanted to join me. I then met my two new favourite people from Colorado that quite quickly became friends. Go check out Colie James and Dear Kate Studios

The next day was the first official day of the classes and seminars at the conference. That first day I sat in on the following classes. Ben Sasso,  D'arcy Benincosa, Jean Smith, Kale Fitch and Posy Quarterman, That night we all went a silent the disco party which was basically the best thing ever. There was a makeup bar and a Photo Booth. Everyone had to dress up modern disco glam. The best part was the silent disco. We all wore headphones with a full blown dance party in our ears but on the outside, it was just chill music that you could still carry a conversation over. Here is. a few images that were on my phone from that night as well as a couple from Kate Benson the photographer for the event.

The Next day was equally as amazing and I got to sit in on my idol Summer Murdock, Heather Nan, Sami Jo. India Earl, and D'arcy Benincosa was the closing keynote speaker.

Needless to say, I left inspired and on a high from the conference. I continued on back to my friends place in Salt Lake with my camera in hand and here's a few that I snapped along the way. Right when I arrived in Utah I happened to have received updates on the Tricia Victoria Presets I had purchased and I edited most of these images with them with very little tweaking. It's a totally different finish than I usually use, but I am totally digging it! Great work girl! Since I had no kiddos in tow, you will see that I had to use my friends dogs and cats. hahaha It also gave me an opportunity to practice my landscape skills.




PS. if you would like to make some photo magic with me, get in touch with me here.