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My personal Project for 2017- 52 Portraits of Me

Hey guys! 

I am back again to chat about my personal project for 2017. In the year prior I did the photo a day project 366 but the school hit, the project hit a wall. This year I chose a weekly project. I titled it 52 projects of me. It's the project of taking a photo with me and my children in it. I am always behind the camera and I never print my photos. 

After going to the Photo Native Conference, I received a free 25 square prints from Artifact Uprising. I fell in LOVE with the quality and I can't wait to print this project. I will be printing more like 3 rounds because of 52 project or I will print my favourite 25 images. I'm hoping that this project continues to change this habit of photos on a hard drive. My girls will have photos of them with me. They can keep them forever and that's so important to me to show the girls that I was there too.

If you would like to follow along, I am posting them all on Instagram @lindsaymillsphotography with the hashtag #52portraitsofme. If you take a peek at the hashtag , you'll see the other moms who have popped in to contribute. I am proud of this one because it is forcing me to get in front of the camera. As usual, September with my oldest starting Grade 1, it threw a wrench in my plans. As 2017 finished, ( and because I only did 41 of 52 weeks) I realized I just wasn't quite done with this project yet. This year, I am focusing more on me but making sure my family is a part of it. I am hoping to ignite a new found feeling about my journey through motherhood. As of late, I have felt more bored, restless and antsy all at once as my girls are around less and I am trying to go through life with slightly older children. Follow along with me on #52portraitsofme2018 and see how I do. If you would like to join me, I would love to follow along with you too. Follow me on Instagram HERE.

Wish me luck as I embark upon this new journey. Here is a look at the images I did create for 2017 ( or ones that others took for me).