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My 2016 Highlight Reel- Personal

Hey guys!

I hope that the first week back to the old routine of school and work went smoothly. I am back to share my highlight reel of personal images. Basically my kids doing their thing. I have SO many that it will be hard to narrow down but I will try. 

I tried a 366 project for the year of 2016. Basically a photo a day for a year. I only had a hard time picking one for the day. I made it all the way until the Second week of September when school started and POOF. Time was gone. This year has taught me so much though. Not just about lighting and technique, but how incredibly lucky I am to have two beautiful girls with their health and happiness. With a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, a backyard to play in, cars to drive and jobs that allow for this life. I have had my ups and downs, and even with this project but you know what? It was worth the failure. It's the part that teaches you that there was success in it. There's always a silver lining.